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Sexual abuse recovery and resources for victims

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse and violence create a lifetime of trauma for its victims. It affects almost all aspects of one’s life, including physical, emotional, mental, and even financial. It can take years of support and healing for victims to feel normal again. And it is common to feel lost when finding one’s way to recovery.

If you are finding ways to start your healing journey or want to get back on track, here are some approaches you can incorporate into your recovery plan.

Gathering support from Kansas advocacy services

Most of the time, victims are unsure of what to do after experiencing sexual abuse. The situation can get overwhelming and creates confusion for the victim as to whom to reach out to. Fortunately, Kansas offers advocacy programs providing various services, such as safety planning, emotional support, and other available assistance. This can be the first step to help victims decide their next action.

Assuring safety through protection orders

It is important to secure the victim’s physical and emotional safety. Fear of retaliation is a common feeling sexual abuse victims experience. Kansas allows victims to seek a protection order from the court, which the victim can file alone or with an advocate or attorney. This order protects the victim from stalking, contacting, and further sexual abuse or harassment by the perpetrator.

Addressing medical concerns through medical care programs

Sexual abuse can pose health care concerns to the victims. Through the assistance of an advocate, victims can avail of medical forensic exams to address medical concerns and provide treatment. Samples taken during the exam can also help establish evidence should the victim file a lawsuit.

Identifying available legal tools

It is the victim’s right to bring a lawsuit against the perpetrator. Understandably, not all victims are ready to bring their cases to court, especially when information about the abuse can be part of the public record. There are, however, instances when the court can accept requests to seal documents and keep information related to the case private. Kansas laws such as the “rape shield law” help protect the victim’s privacy up to a certain point.

Every victim heals in their own way. A recovery method may work for one but not another. However, knowing that different resources are available to victims can help them navigate the recovery process better.