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Help For Pedestrians After An Accident

People walking on the sidewalk or across the street may not think about getting into a car accident on their walk, but they are the most vulnerable traveler on the road. Because a pedestrian has virtually no protection from a reckless or negligent driver, they are far more likely to suffer a catastrophic injury in their accident, which calls for a larger settlement to cover the costs of their recovery.

At Van Zanten & Onik, L.L.C., we take every personal injury case we get as seriously as our clients do, and we do everything in our power to help them earn the most favorable outcome in their cases. Our Missouri team is proud to help the Kansas City community with their injury claims, and we are prepared to help you as well.

How We Make A Difference

Insurance companies often try to convince accident victims that they do not need a lawyer as a way to “keep things simple.” It is more likely that they say this to keep you from recognizing the compensation you deserve and negotiating for it. We can act on your behalf to identify lowball settlement offers that do not reflect the current and future costs of your injuries and fight to secure the compensation that can make you whole.

We also work to bring you to a favorable outcome in your personal injury claim in a timely manner. We know that bills and the expenses of your recovery do not wait for your settlement check to arrive, which is why we do what it takes to provide that money to you as soon as possible without leaving money on the table.

Do Not Settle For Less

Whether the liable party claims they could not see you or they were distracted, there is no excuse for hitting a pedestrian. If you or a loved one suffered substantial injuries in a pedestrian accident, contact us today to start building the claim strategy you deserve. Call us at 816-930-6165 or email us here. Now is the best time to reach out to a lawyer you can trust to fight for you, so call today.