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Filing A Claim After A Truck Accident

With thousands of commercial trucks hauling goods on the road every day, it is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt in an accident with one. While these accidents may be far too common, many victims of trucking accidents fail to receive the full and fair compensation they deserve, leaving the cost on recovery with them.

At Van Zanten & Onik, L.L.C., we help clients throughout the Kansas City area with their personal injury claims. While trucking accidents have a lot in common with other types of injuries, the nature of the accident does present additional challenges.

What Is At Stake In Your Claim

There are two primary reasons that a truck accident claim deserves the extra attention of an attorney: the severity of the consequences and the defense’s strategies. Because trucks often are much bigger than the vehicles they hit, the consequences can be catastrophic for a victim, calling for much more compensation to cover costs like permanent loss of earning potential, cost of relocation or renovation to accommodate injuries, and permanent paralysis.

Despite the consequences of the injury, it can be hard to earn fair compensation in your claim. The truck driver’s employer often will have a large legal and insurance team to fight your claim. When companies fight hard to minimize or eliminate the compensation they pay, we fight even harder to keep every penny you deserve.

Let Us Fight For Your Recovery

If you are trying to defend your best interests after a truck accident, let our knowledge, experience and skill be your advantage in your claim. Contact our Missouri team by calling 816-930-6165 or emailing us here to schedule your initial consultation today. Contacting us today is the first step to receiving your fair settlement, so act now.