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What is the statute of limitations for sexual abuse lawsuits?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a unique type of abuse, which is why it is treated differently from physical abuse in the law. Victims of sexual abuse in Missouri understand the effects of sexual abuse and how difficult it is to deal with as they try to move on with their lives. It is also unique given the personal nature of the abuse and often the perpetrator is someone the victim knows, making it even more difficult.

It also makes coming forward to the proper authorities or even other family members difficult. It is important that the victims receive the justice they deserve even if it takes longer than it would normally take for a physical assault.

Statute of limitations for sexual abuse lawsuits

The law recognizes this as well. Under Missouri law, people have a longer time period to initiate a sexual abuse lawsuit against the perpetrator. If there was sexual contact with the victim, the victim has 10 years after the abuse occurs to initiate a lawsuit on the perpetrator of the sexual abuse. This is longer than the normal statute of limitations for physical abuse.

These lawsuits can be difficult for the victims to initiate given the personal nature of sexual abuse and how it affects the victims. However, they can be important for helping the victim not only to receive compensation for the damages they suffered and will continue to suffer as a result but it also helps hold the perpetrator of the sexual abuse accountable for their actions.

Unfortunately, there are many victims of sexual abuse in Missouri. Some will be dealing with the effects of the abuse for their entire lives. It is important that this type of behavior stops and bringing past sexual abuse to light can hopefully help prevent it from happening in the future. These lawsuits are certainly not something victims want to do or look forward to, but they can still be valuable for many different reasons.