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Icy conditions in Kansas City led to many accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Car Accidents

Winter in our area of the country is no joke. And, if you call Jackson County home, you know the past week dealt us all a blow of wintry weather, with temperatures still altering between tolerable and still south of freezing, especially with wind chills. Unfortunately for all of us in Kansas City, Missouri, when the weather takes a turn toward snow and ice, elevated roadways pose dangers to all of us.

Ice on overpasses and roadways leads to multiple wrecks

According to news reports, frozen patches on roadways led to many accidents last Thursday, including wrecks on I-635 and at the Triangle. Black ice is treacherous as you cannot see it, but it poses all the same risks as driving on ice. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents frequently lead to property damage and various injuries, even death.

Weather and roadway collisions

Weather conditions often predict a greater chance of accidents, and, according to the Federal Highway Safety Commission, over a 10-year period, there were over 1,000,000 weather-associated traffic incidents resulting in over 400,000 injured people. Snow, rain, fog, ice and wet pavement all contributed to the car/truck accidents, injuries and fatalities, according to their 10-year review.

You have options

Jackson, Clay, Platte, Ray, Cass and Lafayette Counties are no strangers to harsh winter weather, but with certain temperature and precipitation conditions, Missourians are all left vulnerable to Mother Nature. Unfortunately, she cannot pay the car repair and hospital bills.

If you or your loved one are hurt due to someone else’s negligence, you always have the option to handle your medical or property claims yourself. However, you also always have the option to hire a personal injury attorney who lives locally. Someone with an understanding not only of your damages but also of the area and insurance companies, which can be an asset in making you whole following a winter accident.