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Worker at steel business injured when heavy beams pin him

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

In Kansas City, construction is a booming business. Worksites can be dangerous with the heavy equipment, workers stationed at substantial heights and vehicles going back and forth. Workers are often injured, and needing medical care and help to cover lost wages.

While the construction jobs themselves are rife with potential dangers, businesses that sell items used for construction can also place workers in jeopardy. These are integral to various commercial and residential projects and provide a needed service.

However, there is no doubt that workers can be hurt in an accident at these businesses just as they can on a construction project. Knowing the steps to receive workers’ compensation benefits can be crucial in the aftermath of an accident.

Worker hurt when steel beams pin him to the ground at work

According to news reports, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating a Kansas City steel business after a worker was injured by steel beams that fell on him. The accident happened in the afternoon around lunchtime. The beams pinned one of the man’s arms and both legs. They weighed around 5,000 pounds per beam.

The Kansas City Fire Department helped free the man. He was subsequently hospitalized. The full extent of his injuries is not yet known, but he was said to be in stable condition. The OSHA investigation will take around six months and is meant to determine how the accident happened and if the employer was at fault.

Workers’ compensation is essential to help injured workers and their families

People who were injured on the job – especially those in physically arduous types of employment – are unaccustomed to being unable to work. They may not be prepared for the medical problems, financial challenges and long-term questions they are likely to face. It is in these circumstances that it is imperative to have caring, compassionate and experienced assistance.

Regardless of where or how a work accident happened, those who have been hurt must think about how to get approved for workers’ compensation benefits and maximize what they receive. This can include medical care and wage loss coverage. Cases might not be automatically approved, so people need guidance with the entire claim. To be protected, calling for help is key and it should be done as soon as possible.